Born in America yet Citizen of the World

Ceil Lucas was born in the United States but raised from ages five through twenty-one in Guatemala City and in Rome, Italy.

How I Got Here: A Memoir tells about her upbringing in Guatemala and Rome and then as a young adult in America. As a result of her upbringing, upon meeting someone new, she invariably says, “I wasn’t raised here”—“here” meaning America. But she has also discovered that her first ancestors on her mother’s side were among the Scottish prisoners of war transported to Maryland’s Eastern Shore in 1654; the first Lucas to America was a Quaker who sailed to Philadelphia in 1679. The stories of her ancestors—from Scottish prisoners to slaveholders and beyond—have become her stories and are central to her genealogical memoir. Those stories help explain, in the broadest sense, how she got here.

Descended from Europeans, born in the United States, but raised abroad, Ceil Lucas has a background full-bodied and varied with a twist. How I Got Here traces her
unique path, one that continues to balance her two defining statements—“I wasn’t raised here” and “I’m deeply American.”

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